Noreth WIP 3

Did some shading on the skin and the first round of highlights. Think I still need to tweak the mids and add several more highs, but I wanted to take a break and think about it some more. Dark Shadow, Tanned Shadow, Tanned Skin, Golden Highlight are the colors so far, some Chestnut glaze.


Noreth WIP 2

Unsatisfied with the right eye, I spent some time trying to fix it. This is where the camera can really be your friend. I’d make adjustments, then take a series of pictures so I could really magnify it from a few angles and see exactly what’s going on. There are two sculpt/prep issues getting in the way of progressing much further, and at this point I’ve still painted some of my best eyes yet. The left one turned out really good!

First pic is the initial pass on the eyes, the second is after adjustments today.


Noreth WIP 1

Ok, so it’s been a while! I should really be getting some more work done around the house, but I’ve been dying to paint!

So the first post-Reapercon project is Noreth Skyblade, an awesome Klocke sculpt I’ve wanted to paint for a while now. Not to complex, letting me focus on the first stage of trying to integrate some of the stuff I’ve learned. I spent a lot of time prepping him, though I still need to address a couple rough spots – prep work improvement is an ongoing thing. I cut away the eyelids per Schubert but I should’ve gone back and added a wee bit of filler as the eyes were still on the small side (comparatively speaking, I chose a model with relatively large sculpted eyes even with the lids).

I had base coated most of Noreth at Seneca Falls paint day, but I wasn’t happy with the colors or the way the values were resting on him, so I redid a lot of it a couple days ago. Today I finished base coating. Hair was going to be blonde, but I might keep it darker for the better interleaving of values. Not sure, we’ll see how it looks as I go, I also want to watch the hues and values of the tunic/skin/hair as they’ll all be somewhat similar.

Then I roughed in some shadows on the face to get a feel for the expression (Werner sculpted him quite angry!) and see what I could do with a bit of miscast on the left side. Then I put in the eyes using DKS’s method. They went in acceptably, if not perfectly (or even close), so I put in the color crescent which worked really well. The dot of white for the shine isn’t at all what I wanted, but it’s close enough for a first pretty successful DKS eye on a learning project, so I left it alone. I did scrub out a few attempts but I didn’t have to repaint the eyes from scratch, so that’s progress!