Svetlana WIP 3

Got in a couple hours on the skin today. Went with some new ideas that give it a nice subtlety that don’t show up at all in the pics 🙂 I also did a war paint across the eyes that sort of looks like a shadow, ah well.


Some pretty rough spots on the cast, the left arm in particular didn’t fare well (hopefully the shield will downplay it). There is what looks to be a scar on the lips that I just can’t get fine enough control to paint in, which cost me completely repainting the lower half of the face after I already had it looking pretty good…and only got it back to about 70% of where I had it.

Svetlana WIP 1

Feels like forever since I’ve painted! After the assembly issues I had, then cleaning and priming, Svetlana is finally ready for paint (well, she has been for two nights now, but I do like to spend time with my fiancee!). Svetlana is a limited edition mini from Red Box Games’ first kickstarter project. She is cast in trollcast, which holds detail very well but also develops bubbles (one that was under her left horn, I decided to incorporate that as if intended) and many of the spikes on this model didn’t survive casting.

Primed with white Army Painter spray primer as usual. Lined with Brown Liner. Flesh base coated with Dark Highlight.


Fire Giant / Efreeti Emir

Since I blew the deadline for the diorama I mocked up a test base, the woodland scenic ‘realistic water’ in the melted spots doesn’t show very well. Entered in the Theme Entry category instead.


Hope you enjoy him, took me over five weeks! By far the most time I’ve ever sunk into a mini, I lost track of the hours a while ago.