Fire Giant WIP 10

Starting to rough in the nmm. Got to a slow start for a couple reasons… The base coat I used (I didn’t make an update here for that) was based on the Foerster recipe and was too red for where I was heading…and it took me until I started roughing in highlights to notice (as it looked nice on its own and I probably could’ve gotten a great look with Anne’s recipe). So I tried a dark thick wash but ended up needing to run over the whole thing again (and it’s still spotty, so many crevices). Also had a false start with the rough-in highlight.

Speaking of crevices, that was the other challenge. Started putting in some mids to define things and ye gods there are so many surfaces. If I thought Anval Thricedamned was fiddly, this guy beats him out handily with the ringed bands and scales plus the faces, etc. Wow. So about another two hours getting it to here. The fiancee asked how many hours and I’ve completely lost track, but it’s pretty insane and I don’t think I’ve gotten my time’s worth out of him 🙂 But I also don’t want to start rushing to the end now, so I’m committed to the time it will take to get the armor looking good.


Trying to keep it more greenish ochre without pushing it into some weird unreal place. The reds really can make it look super green, which is why I had to back out my initial rough-in highlights.


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