Fire Giant WIP 8

The never-ending WIP…At the urging of a few folks on the Reaper forums, I’m going to try and make this blade work.

Gave it another 90 minutes or so. I roughed in the edges to see if it could sell it as a blade better, I want to keep them darker to pop the face of the blade, I liked how bright the old gradient version was.


It’s good freehand practice, anyway. But that deadline is so shot, I was hoping to have the whole mini almost done tonight for any hope.

2 thoughts on “Fire Giant WIP 8

  1. So the thing about fire and flamey stuff is that it needs to be done in reverse. Instead of highlighting the edges you lowlight them, the brightest bits are the depths of crevices and the centres of flat areas. It loos weird until it’s done but eventually you’ll reach a point where suddenly it’ll pop from ‘I’m really not sure’ to ‘Aha!’. I would make the gradient much stronger have it almost black at the edges and almost white in the centre like you have on the musculature. Maybe in order to differentiate it from the body of the miniature you could do it with a different palette like blue or green, that way you keep the three points of focus for the figure too.

    • I intentionally made the blade stylized after following the rule on the actual flame/lava/whatever. The restricted palette was also a choice, since he’ll be in a snowy vignette with the broader three points being the red on the other two minis and him.

      The other thing was that I wanted the blade to be brighter overall, which is why the face isn’t very dark and I did the edges without the usual push to highlights to give it some depth.

      And honestly, my research on flame shows that is a bit of a second-layer myth – the edges can indeed be highlighted where they cross over. I have a wood stove so I watch a lot of fire! 🙂 It’s so complex due to the transparency, where it’s basically a twisted tube, the center of the tube can be almost invisibly orange/dk orange/red brown with orange to yellow edges pushed into yellow white on a twist. It’s kind of maddening to translate onto a mini, so of course I wanted to try…

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