Fire Giant WIP 6

Quick pass on the blade to see how it looks blocked in. The idea was to have it bright like the hair, more of a fire than a molten feel…but I’m thinking I want it more molten. It’s just so bright and to my eyes a little cheesy looking. Also a few touch ups here and there, I’ll probably continue tweaking things until it’s ‘done’.



2 thoughts on “Fire Giant WIP 6

  1. Let’s face it – it’s come up pretty bloody well. Unless you wanted to do a drastic change to the model and go with a mix of blue fire and red fire (and you’re too far done to do that here). The problem is that “molten metal” is like “fire hair” – in that it’s very hard to do with a solid 3-d object like a miniature. You could try some OSL up his arm and on his bracer, but I’d come back to it after working out what else you want to do with him.

    • Yeah, a few days away from it and I’m starting to dig it. Sword needs another session as I said, then nmm and cloth and we’ll see if OSL is appropriate or if it will muddy things up too much. I’m pretty sure the nmm at least will get an osl round. I’m chuckling at the jargon in this post.

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