Fire Giant WIP 2

Some more work on the fiery bloke. I’d estimate the skin is about half completed and today’s layering was around four hours. It’s a bit slower because this is a new technique and I’ve already had to readjust the midpoint twice and foresee a few more adjustments as I darken it down some more.

Pics are awful again, sorry. Workbench pics have never been great, but sheesh. Kinda wish I had kept the compact (I gave it to mom) just for workbench pics.


Last two are where I left off today, with red/orange moving into red. Since I started doubling up this round (doing a pass of red/orange then red) it’s pretty clear where I left off orange and hadn’t gotten to. I wanted to push into red as part of my second readjustment of the yellow/orange midpoint, it was starting to get too wide with the yellow so I put in the last two darker layers and then used that as a guide to go back over the whole model to tighten up that transition from yellow to orange.

Definitely a learning experience!


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