Fire Giant WIP 1

Since this is a Reaper-sponsored contest, I need to use Reaper models. Their fire giants are a bit too big for this project, so 03322: Efreeti Emir is playing the role of the fire giant here. A bit small, but he’s a really cool model, so I can live with it.

Very rough base coat. Some real rough spots on the cast I didn’t notice until I started painting. Definitely going to be a setback as one pit needs some GS as it’s huge (on his back). Also, his lower back and a few other smaller spots are going to need smoothing, I’ll try the brush on sealer trick. There are also some tough spots to reach that I won’t be able to fake out with deep shadows this time.


As has become usual lately, apologies for the pics. Two rounds of white balance wasn’t kind to Emir, here. That’s a base coat of thinned HD Golden Yellow and Pure White, the dark parts are Volcano Brown. Just blocking things out at this stage.


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