Fire Giant WIP 4

Just over an hour roughing in the rest of the maroon reds. I definitely should’ve roughed this in around step 3 or so.


The maroon red is Bloodstain Red, which is purpley. I lined in another hint of yellow around the horns, it gives it a nice glow but is tough to make look good in 3d. Luckily the horns nest in the hair somewhat, I might be able to pull off a cool (hah) effect yet. I had the yellow for fixing the second ding in the horns…

Fire Giant WIP 3

Continuing to work down in value. A few parts are starting to look pretty good but somehow the face got pretty jacked up. Not sure how I’ll fix it, got a little discouraged looking at it and decided to call it a night after about two hours rather than start making mistakes.


I do like how the darkness of the face enhances the heat of the hair and horns. Initially I was going to make the horns dark, too…but I might go the other way and leave them pretty close to where they are.

Fire Giant WIP 2

Some more work on the fiery bloke. I’d estimate the skin is about half completed and today’s layering was around four hours. It’s a bit slower because this is a new technique and I’ve already had to readjust the midpoint twice and foresee a few more adjustments as I darken it down some more.

Pics are awful again, sorry. Workbench pics have never been great, but sheesh. Kinda wish I had kept the compact (I gave it to mom) just for workbench pics.


Last two are where I left off today, with red/orange moving into red. Since I started doubling up this round (doing a pass of red/orange then red) it’s pretty clear where I left off orange and hadn’t gotten to. I wanted to push into red as part of my second readjustment of the yellow/orange midpoint, it was starting to get too wide with the yellow so I put in the last two darker layers and then used that as a guide to go back over the whole model to tighten up that transition from yellow to orange.

Definitely a learning experience!

Fire Giant WIP 1

Since this is a Reaper-sponsored contest, I need to use Reaper models. Their fire giants are a bit too big for this project, so 03322: Efreeti Emir is playing the role of the fire giant here. A bit small, but he’s a really cool model, so I can live with it.

Very rough base coat. Some real rough spots on the cast I didn’t notice until I started painting. Definitely going to be a setback as one pit needs some GS as it’s huge (on his back). Also, his lower back and a few other smaller spots are going to need smoothing, I’ll try the brush on sealer trick. There are also some tough spots to reach that I won’t be able to fake out with deep shadows this time.


As has become usual lately, apologies for the pics. Two rounds of white balance wasn’t kind to Emir, here. That’s a base coat of thinned HD Golden Yellow and Pure White, the dark parts are Volcano Brown. Just blocking things out at this stage.

Starting my first diorama

I’m putting together a diorama for another Reaper forum contest, though I’m not sure I’ll make the deadline. The loose theme is Scandinavian, and though that encompasses more than Norse mythos, I do love me some Valkyrie action. So my idea is a fire giant from Muspell is threatening a Valkyrie who has come to take a fallen warrior to Valhalla.

Here’s a rough mockup:


Then the basic ‘rock’ shapes glued in:


I’ve also started on modifying the models, cutting off bases and repositioning the fallen warrior. Luckily, he’s Reaper’s P65 lead line, so easy to bend after cutting away a few attach points. Then I pinned them for mounting and applied some green stuff as gap filler/basic snowbanks. Hopefully my ‘snow’ will cover my terrible GS sculpting ‘skill’:


Tentatively named ‘The Warrior’s Soul’.


Gunslinger Damien

It’s my first conversion! I lopped the hands and top of the head off Damien and added the hands and hat from the Black Mist, with a bit of green stuff to make the top of the hat a bit wider for Damien’s big hair/horns. Painted up as a Gunslinger.


Still trying to get my camera setup right and struggling with glossiness on the mini. Some of the subtlety is killed by the gloss, the pants are more of an olive and the straps stand out against them a bit more, for instance.

Damien WIP 3

Got in another good session this afternoon. Finished a bunch of stuff, major things left are hair and metals; then touch ups. I have to hit the box’o’bases and get something cooking for Damien.


Seems like a lot of the shine is coming from the Brown Liner, it’s only mixed with water, not matte medium (my usual shine culprit). The shine in the deep shadows is not ideal for pics.

Damien WIP 1

Damien got a coat of Brown Liner to get things rolling. Mr. Schubert has been very generous in sharing his process, so with this project I’m going to use a few of his WIPs to guide me. Kind of a mash of his hellborns and his latest gunslinger, with a few detours along the way, I’m sure. DKS uses Brown Liner to start so many of his browns, I felt basing most of the model with it made sense. Unfortunately it shows as super glossy in the pics, in reality it’s just uniformish Brown Liner.

Skin got base, shade and highlight. Not sure if I want to push it any further, it looks pretty decent here. Also did the eyes.


Also trying to paint areas fully without base coating each, something I haven’t really done before. A good way to focus on my neatness.