Josh, Phil and Ned

First up is Josh:


Painting the hoodie I couldn’t resist a nod to Belichick. The casting of the left eye pitted, so I just did the best I could there.

Next up, Phil:


And finally, Ned:


The area around the left hand/top of the gun/scope is all bumpy and miscast, so I did the best I could to detail it with paint. My first try at camo, more freehand wood grain.

These guys were all a lot of fun to paint despite the mediocre casting. I tried a bit of freehand on each of them and was trying to work on painting faster and more accurate (to spend less time fixing/cleaning). I didn’t really keep track of time like I intended, but I’d say maybe 7 hours for the three of them.


6 thoughts on “Josh, Phil and Ned

  1. These have come up really well, as did the others. How many does that leave from the boxed set? Three more? I look forward to the group shot of survivors. And then the group shot of Zombies.

    • One more survivor from the season 1 box, and she’s primed on the bench. I saved her for last because she has stocking, so either sheer or freehand fishnets….should be fun to paint though. I like their strong themes and only worrying about painting to tabletop (very little blending on these guys.

      Also have some of the season 1 walkers primed.

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