Josh, Phil and Ned

First up is Josh:


Painting the hoodie I couldn’t resist a nod to Belichick. The casting of the left eye pitted, so I just did the best I could there.

Next up, Phil:


And finally, Ned:


The area around the left hand/top of the gun/scope is all bumpy and miscast, so I did the best I could to detail it with paint. My first try at camo, more freehand wood grain.

These guys were all a lot of fun to paint despite the mediocre casting. I tried a bit of freehand on each of them and was trying to work on painting faster and more accurate (to spend less time fixing/cleaning). I didn’t really keep track of time like I intended, but I’d say maybe 7 hours for the three of them.

Josh, Phil and Ned WIP 4

Got in a couple more hours and almost finished the three stooges survivors I’ve been dabbling with over the last week or two. Just a few final touches and then painting up the bases and they’ll be done.


Josh’s (hoodie kid) left eye is a pit I should’ve tried to GS over. I went a bit too heavy with Phil’s (cop) eyebrows, so I went back in with flesh tone underneath so he looks a bit less neanderthal now. Got in a little bit of freehand in the woodgrain I’ve been developing for a while now, as well as trying camo on Ned’s (pan) jacket. Ned’s gun, scope and hand have some really weird defect, no detail and it’s all bumpy…I tried to use paint to detail it out and hide that.

Focusing on trying to paint fast and accurately with these guys, similar to Bones models in a way. At the very least, it’s nice having things to paint between ‘real’ projects and keeps the muscle memory going while I do the chore work of the non-painting stuff 🙂

Some Assembly Required

Warm day here in NY, den was tolerable enough to hang out and get a few things accomplished…


Assembly of the djinn and a bit of modification inspired by DKS, some tassles on the sword. Not shaped yet, letting the GS cure first. I like how it came out so I’ll match it when I break out the GS again for gap filling.

Speaking of mods, I was in the mood and looking over candidates to replace Damien’s left hand…and the Black Mist donated copiously (and this time the similarity to DKS’s latest is coincidence!). Black Mist hanging out in the background wondering where his hands and top of his head went, so sad and forlorn. I’ll have to bulk out the hat a little bit though it’s not horrible now.

Asgard Female Elven Archer


Forgive the pics, still learning the new camera. Also this darn can of varnish and it’s glossy tendencies.

Not a high end paint job at all, just having some fun painting up this retro mini. This was to memorialize the passing of an old friend, as I found they are still casting this line and I had one back in the day that he had painted.

I do like how the wood grain came out, making some small steps on that. Also my first Pingo Paint ™ base. I don’t have a good stipple brush, so I tried a drybrush which was too splayed. So I ended up just dotting with my #1.