Memorial for a Friend

Thanksgiving is the first anniversary of an old friend’s passing, so I wanted to do a project to memorialize him. I’m going to paint a new copy of an old mini of mine that he had painted over twenty years ago.

Here’s his paintjob. In his defense, it was a quick paint job and we didn’t know about thinning paints or layering…and he was working with a model that was already more than ten years old at the time and made of lead so much of the detail was gone. But it’s one of the few I have and was able to track down a new cast, so it’s what I’m going with for this year’s memorial.


And mine, primed and washed:



One thought on “Memorial for a Friend

  1. That’s a fantastic idea. In terms of your friends mini, heck, people just don’t realize how much the internet and the sharing of information and video on places like Youtube have changed the hobby for the better.

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