Twilight Knight


I intend to reshoot the pics, this was a quick shoot before anything else broke on it…I had a few more things to paint and tweak but the sword broke in a pretty bad place and the trophy is precariously glued in, so I’m not sure how much more I want to fool with it.

3 thoughts on “Twilight Knight

  1. To recycle my comments from the forum – It’s turned out really nice. Nicely done dark & shadowy tones. The palette you’ve chosen really makes it look like the light on the figure is muted. Particularly on the sword and the skulls – which is what makes it look like a normal-ish guy in the twilight light, rather than a Drow in daylight. Your deep blue background doesn’t hurt, of course.

    • Thanks, Az. He came pretty close to what I was shooting for, so I’m happy about that. But I can only see the places where things didn’t work or I wasn’t able to finish a last couple details. I think my next resin mini should be one without thin bits!

      I think I need to look into the Tamiya blood, or at least glossing my painted blood. It was looking pretty cool until it wasn’t. I had also intended to have a blood trail from the trophy head and drops on the ground from the sword.

      • I’ve happily used Tamiya Clear Red for several years now and have been happy with it. Picked up all of their “clear” range, because for a few bucks each, why not?

        The new GW Technical paint (stupid name – Blood for the Blood God) is actually supposed to be pretty good as well. I picked it up but haven’t tried yet. I figure that if it works out to be a good tool for task it overrides the damned stupid name.

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