Twilight Knight WIP 1

The Inner Geek at the Reaper forum suggested I start a paint challenge to motivate me into painting one of the more daunting lines of minis: Kingdom Death. I’ve got a few and I love them, but they’re highly detailed and expensive, I’d been making excuses about needing more skill before tackling them…so now I’m running the informal Painting Death Challenge over at the Reaper forum. My entry will be the Twilight Knight.

This is my first resin mini, which poses some challenges. New material to clean up, and I actually like working with it quite a bit. Resin is apparently on a sliding scale of toxicity depending on who you ask, so best to be safe – all prep work done wearing a respirator.

Right foot gave best profile for pinning, though it was pretty tight for my paper clip…need to get a few intermediary between those two sizes. I figure the pin for the head can hopefully be painted up like a nub of spine when I clip and file it down. Sword I will pin into the arm, though that might get fiddly. Primer went on kind of rough, and of course nothing like raking light for exposing those last few spots I missed in prep.



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