Gurney Exhibit at the Arkell Museum

I had such an amazing Sunday afternoon at the Arkell Museum gallery looking at James Gurney originals. It’s so humbling to see the work of one of the greatest painters of our generation up close. The colors are so amazing, I took off my glasses and just kept studying the shadows and stepping back, it’s mind-blowing. As we got there just as it opened, I had a chance to talk to Mr. Gurney just inside the door. Then as we were in the gallery he walked through and I was able to talk to him for another ten minutes or so (got some tips on nmm gold!); then another gentleman came up and I hovered at the edge of that conversation until it turned to painting and got another couple minutes talking about paint consistency and canvas prep. Got a pic with him in front of his waterfall city masterpiece!

He gave a wonderful talk about developing, visualizing and painting fantasy worlds and then I quickly made my way to the signing table and was first in line. Didn’t waste any more of his time talking for more than it took for him to sign my four books (heh). I had brought my three theory books (including a rare out of print book on sketching they were surprised to see!) and the Dinotopia book my fiancee had purchased there.

James Gurney is such a generous and genuine man, as well as a talented and curious artist. Beyond the art is a burning curiosity about the why behind things, in fleshing out the world and how things work so that you can truly step into a painting. And so gracious with his time for aspiring artists and so willing to share techniques and ideas. Truly an inspiration and I strive to be a pale shadow of what he is.


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