Gravedigger WIP 6



3 thoughts on “Gravedigger WIP 6

    • Thanks, citizen of the opposite side of the planet! I went in intimidated, but it was actually a lot of fun.

      I had considered that, as well as pushing up the radius of glow. But I like the more subtle effect and I really wanted to avoid the paint bomb effect, so I’m leaning toward what I have, with a couple tweaks.
      There is a glint on the handle binding, though I did miss the part in his grip that sticks out. Those are both closer and have a plane directly perpendicular to the light rays. I wasn’t sure about the shovel blade, because it’s not perpendicular (maybe the corner of the upper binding) and farther away.

      I also need to do another pass on the hat brim. And to decide whether to close the shadow gap on the chest a bit. It’s accurate but it looks too exaggerated.

  1. Yeah, I get you. I’m just thinking poetic “the glint of light on metal” while my eye follows the diagonal of the light down past his belly and crotch zone.

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