From the Archive

A couple of vintage minis. I’m pretty sure the horse was 93, days before my band broke up. Really bleak time.


And I’d guess 94 or 95 on this Soth. If I’m remembering correctly, this was an experiment with black primer and using drybrushing only for the armor. Also letting the primer act as shadow for everything else. Really solid job on gluing in the sword backwards, Cash.


Anyway, even back then these are examples of how I used to experiment with the very limited techniques I had available to me. The horse is where I developed that 90s style of wash/base color/wash/base/etc, my sort of primitive layering. And Soth was trying the black primer/shadow thing and pushing drybrushing. The cape is almost true layering, because I was using Polly S pthalo blue, which was a very thin coverage paint (and I hated using it but it looked great over black!).


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