One year of painting!

Ok, it’s been a bit over a year (13 months, but I did take two off!)…and yeah the Gnoll was painted in 2011. Stop being pedantic!

I need to build a bigger light box :p All my painted minis as of September 2013 (not including my stint of painting in the 90s). Missing are Cave Girl (not based), Pirate King & Queen + Dog (gift) and Orson (exchange). Other than those four, this is everything I’ve painted from the Gnoll in 2011 right up to Lysette.



9 thoughts on “One year of painting!

  1. These all look so epic together!! Every single one is painted amazingly. Oooh so jealous! I can’t wait until I can one day line my minis up like this and think ‘ooooh, I did those’. You must be proud of these!! They look amazing.

    • I don’t know about every one being amazing! There are definitely a few ‘learning’ pieces on there. The first couple Learn to Paint Kits are quite rudimentary.

      But a big thanks for your continued nice words! I’m glad you enjoy my stuff, it’s a lot of fun painting them. And to think last year this time, I only had that gnoll full painted and the Drone was a WIP!

      • You must have improved very quickly! I’ve read blogs from people that take them a number of years to get theirs as nice as yours!

        I’m so impatient for the experience to paint like this to happen for me, hahaha.

    • In my Battlefoam bag. It’s a really nice case.

      The old lady has been nagging me to get a display case, there’s not a lot of options in the cultural wastelands.

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