Lysette WIP 2


Base coating done, first pass at some shading, eyes.

The detail on this model is not very good. Whole sections just turn into a blob. I’m not going to do much with this one, slap paint and done. Not worth the effort for such an inferior model.


2 thoughts on “Lysette WIP 2

    • Thanks, I vacillate between having fun and the sculpt bumming me out 🙂 Like, why is there a cool purple under the sword? I don’t know, I just did it. Might go away when I nmm the blade, might become the basis of /how/ I nmm the blade. Just winging it and seeing what happens.

      Having fun just cutting loose a lot of my previous experience, yet using as a guidepost. These colors are off the wall, but still trying to stick to principles like how nmm contrast should work. It’s been very odd these last few projects pushing outside my comfort zone constanty. I’ll probably have to dial it back for a few projects soon and do some more ‘standard’ stuff so I can mentally recover, hah.

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