Anval WIP 5

Closing in on done. Had a blast painting with Thrym and friends at a paint day in Seneca Falls, but it was a bit tough to get deep enough into the zone for nmm šŸ™‚ After taking pics, lots of spots could use some attention. Half of me wants to just call it an experiment and move on, got some cool color ideas and practice out of it.



7 thoughts on “Anval WIP 5

  1. He’s come up very nicely indeed. Paint day sounds like fun. I’ve been in a painting funk for about a month now. Haven’t touched a brush.
    I see you bought the domain as well! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Az. It was a fun, loose project and I learned a lot. Other than gaining a new nmm palette, I learned that bronze as a material favors wide low-mid tones with thin, somewhat muted highlights (I think maiden flesh is my highlight).

      I’d been working all week on moving servers and troubleshooting domain issues, so I just buckled on my own domain šŸ™‚

      • It’s effective and it keeps the metal dark and muted, rather than oh-so-shiney – which keeps it distinct from the gold nmm.

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