Anval WIP 2

First highlight and shading pass for the skin.


Back shot is a bit wonky, camera is almost comically not focusing on the mini at this point. I normally have it set to auto-focus in macro mode (because the screen is too tiny to tell if it’s actually in focus or not, I have to take about ten pics for every one you see). After a dozen shots of focusing on the background, I used the manual macro mode and a measuring tape to guesstimate focal length (it just gives me a line with “5…10” and I have to guess the increments)…so it seems to be somewhat in focus, but then it threw all the lighting off…


2 thoughts on “Anval WIP 2

  1. Always so jealous of your paint skills!! And I share your paint of photographing miniatures that have a distinct object (or body parts) on a different distance plane to other parts and it kind of kills your auto focus freedom. But this came out well!

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