Goldar WIP 5


A bit rough on the steel work. Still haven’t gotten comfortable with nmm yet. Usually I blend it a lot better, at least, but trying some new colors and need to tweak them a bit I think, a couple need a gradient step between them.

Went back over the fur again and shade/highs for the axe handle. Pretty much done pending the base. Probably up over ten hours on him, that nmm is time consuming stuff.

7 thoughts on “Goldar WIP 5

  1. uuuuughhhh…so jealous of all this showcased blending ability all over this mini. People keep telling me practice practice practice. But I wanna be able to paint minis like this nooooow~

    He looks AWESOME.

    • Thanks!

      Trust me – I feel the SAME WAY when I look at pieces by Marike, Ali, Derek, etc. I spend a lot of time reading and looking at painting (both minis and 2D). But putting it to practice and taking pics and being honest with myself is really what helps. And speaking of honesty, the only decent blending is on the skirt and the early layers of skin, maybe a few spots on the armor.

      If you look at the axe, it’s a perfect demonstration of how I layer nmm because it’s only about half done. I blocked in the main colors and gave it a layering pass with thinner paint. Normally I’d go over that with thinned paint from each gradient color until the transition lines fade out. I used 5 levels of tonality for this nmm, normally I use 6 or 7. 5 is too few, if I made 3 more mixes in the mid-high end it would be a lot smoother.

      Anyway, I run a Work In Progress thread on the Reaper forum and the people there are really great. I highly recommend posting there and seeking feedback. They’re almost too nice, sometimes you have to dig for honesty 🙂 It’s kind of a ‘southern’ board, as in ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say…’ but it’s extremely helpful for new folks and everyone is good about explaining what they did if you ask about a technique (my leather is mostly based on a recipe Derek Schubert told me when I asked).

  2. I see you’re using a wet palette now, I made a post about mine for you. That helps a lot. From there it’s about paint consistency, something I still struggle with and lots and lots of practice! We’re all on the journey, and I often wish I could be further ahead than I am (I’m a perfectionist by nature).

    But taking time to appreciate where we are on the path is very rewarding. I was trying some pretty ambitious stuff on this guy and fell well short of where I was aiming. But he’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

  3. This is an awesome post! Better than many tutorials. That axe looks awful! I’m so pleased.

    What do I mean? My blending/layering is not perfect. Even when tuts go in stages, they normally show the final results of each step. Here I can see your near-complete work and I am seeing something that is as rough as mine. Then I can see your final work in the next post and it looks great, much better than mine. Now I know that that my rough results are normal and can be fixed by more thin layers of intermediate colors. What I am think of as my bad paint jobs are just an unfinished paint jobs, a stepping stone to a better results.

    It would be a really great tutorial to see the palette and each step on one small item, a sword or axe. This would make it clear how many layers it needs and how it changes at each step. It would help people be patient enough to get your kind of results.

    • Glad it helped out, I’m still trying to figure it all out myself, years later 🙂 But you see, it’s a lot about patience and spending the time to blend with those intermediate steps and glazes! I’m impatient 🙂 But it is worth sticking it out for those last agonizing steps when suddenly that banded mess becomes nice smooth transitions!

      I’ll definitely give some thought to a limited step-by-step, maybe on a sword since I haven’t painted a good nmm sword in a long time, and my best one I gave away to someone!

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