One year of painting!

Ok, it’s been a bit over a year (13 months, but I did take two off!)…and yeah the Gnoll was painted in 2011. Stop being pedantic!

I need to build a bigger light box :p All my painted minis as of September 2013 (not including my stint of painting in the 90s). Missing are Cave Girl (not based), Pirate King & Queen + Dog (gift) and Orson (exchange). Other than those four, this is everything I’ve painted from the Gnoll in 2011 right up to Lysette.



Lysette WIP 3


More various things done. May or may not take the clothing highlights higher, they were starting to get a bit of ze chalk going. Put in some lipstick and eyeshadow, and some rather heavy eyebrows – those are going to take a lot more practice. Thanks to Derek Schubert for making me have to paint them, I can’t unsee the lack of eyebrows now!