One year of painting!

Ok, it’s been a bit over a year (13 months, but I did take two off!)…and yeah the Gnoll was painted in 2011. Stop being pedantic!

I need to build a bigger light box :p All my painted minis as of September 2013 (not including my stint of painting in the 90s). Missing are Cave Girl (not based), Pirate King & Queen + Dog (gift) and Orson (exchange). Other than those four, this is everything I’ve painted from the Gnoll in 2011 right up to Lysette.


Lysette WIP 3


More various things done. May or may not take the clothing highlights higher, they were starting to get a bit of ze chalk going. Put in some lipstick and eyeshadow, and some rather heavy eyebrows – those are going to take a lot more practice. Thanks to Derek Schubert for making me have to paint them, I can’t unsee the lack of eyebrows now!

Lysette WIP 1

And now for something completely different.

While I figure out how to base Anval (sculpey not my friend), I’m going to try to knock out a quick Lysette. To feature girly colors, medium to high values (I started to black line and backed off…) and lots of color mixing. Trying to stick to the pastel triad for the main colors (except the nmm, leather, hair and skin). The purple is pink + blue!


Anval WIP 5

Closing in on done. Had a blast painting with Thrym and friends at a paint day in Seneca Falls, but it was a bit tough to get deep enough into the zone for nmm 🙂 After taking pics, lots of spots could use some attention. Half of me wants to just call it an experiment and move on, got some cool color ideas and practice out of it.