Goldar WIP 1

Not really feeling strongly about painting anything in particular, so I nabbed Goldar at random from the pile and got him base coated.


One cool thing was the axe shaft – my original chestnut was way too high in chroma (I’m learning things!) compared to the really desaturated look of the rest of him. So I tried to add some grey to knock it down, but grey…she’s tricksy! Turned green, so I guess there was some lurking blue in the grey. Feeling playful, I put in some linen white (I had meant to grab leather white woops), which lightened it too much but did push it a bit in the right direction…so then I put in a dollop of the ashen brown I based the browns in and voila, very close to the color I had intended to mix! I was kind of amazed and proud of myself, a moment where vision and theory and practice kind of gelled (it’s a first).

I know the greys look close now, but hopefully after shading and moving them toward a more finished color they’ll separate out enough. But I was a bit concerned about it, so I went back and used brown liner /after/ base coating…a lot more tense then using it before!


2 thoughts on “Goldar WIP 1

    • Thanks! The dark lining is way heavier than I usually go, but putting it on after base coats it’s hard to make subtle. I’ll try to fade it a bit with shadowing later. It’s mostly to break up the grey on grey, but I put it around to keep it from being too isolated on those spots.

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