Dog Days of Summer

No mini painting, but getting stuff done around the house and playing The Walking Dead, good times, weather has been perfect for a couple weeks now so desire to paint is low, heh.

I’m cataloging my paints, which I’ve been meaning to do since the KS paints came in to basically complete my collection. I’m making:

– Swatch sheets, little squares of paint with the number and name below.

– Chips, little rectangles of plasticard with swatch, number, name

– XLS inventory with store image, number, name, triad, metallic or no, and quantity

It’s going to take a long time but at least I finally got started. I only got up to Snow Shadow in an hour šŸ˜¦ But when it’s done it should dramatically speed up planning and reference. The swatch sheet removes and issues with printing or uncalibrated screens. The chips are really nice to use like paint chips for house painting, see what colors look like next to each other.


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