Reaper’s Next KS; Bones II: Plastic Boogaloo

I was pretty surprised to hear about this. The first Bones KS has been hell on the staff there and basically the company has been shut down the entire year. There were signs of the stress as early as last November when the site stopped getting updated properly, they’d miss a lot of things when it was. The amount of overtime and lack of vacation, pulling non-labor staff in for labor, it has really put the company through a rough time.

That said…Reaper is owned and operated by a couple accountants. So I imagine this KS blew the doors off the books.

Thomas is a good start, but Bryan has said it is not even close to capable of keeping up with the demand for Bones (the original non-KS Bones demand). I think they got it as more of an educational tool for staff and to learn the logistics of casting in plastic before moving the operation in house.

That said…there is a good chance this is the next phase of that and they’ll be putting a couple more plastic casting machines in that new space.

They’ve also learned a lot about what does and does not work in Bonesium, they’ve already pulled several SKU from the catalog.

  • 77057
  • 77087
  • 77093
  • 80003
  • 80006

Overall it should be interesting at the least. I’m not sure given my experience with Bones minis that I’m interested in the next KS (whew). My hope is that they’ve learned enough about the logistics that they can run their company while fulfilling this next KS. I had the metal for a year pledge and took the buyout because I was concerned (despite statements to the contrary) about Reaper’s commitment to producing metal minis in an ongoing capacity (ie new sculpts). I’m happy for their success with Bones, you won’t find a nicer bunch of folks with amazing customer service, but I’m a painter, not a gamer, and Bones just isn’t for me.

One thought on “Reaper’s Next KS; Bones II: Plastic Boogaloo

  1. Like you I’m a painter, not a gamer. BONES are made for tabletop quality paint and honestly I don’t think I could sell a painted BONES figure. While I wish them the best of luck, I won’t be buying these either.

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