I’m Just Saying “No.”

You know what? No.

I’m not going to paint this. Maybe some day. But no. Not now.

I’m still trying to be positive about Bones. But starting to paint this guy, some of the big scales, ok I’m laying in the first tones. But then everything keeps mushing out into nothingness, just a bumpy mess. Maybe a better painter can spend all day freehanding this stuff in, but I’m not there. Give me something to paint.

So then I look at the face, which I had planned out somewhat and the mush detail abounded more than I thought when looking at the naked model, that whole “Oh, it’s just the subsurface scattering obscuring detail.” The spines, a mushy mess.

No thanks. I didn’t enjoy the process or results of my two pre-KS Bones paint jobs and this one looked as unenjoyable. So I’m not going to waste my time and paint on it. I’m walking away from it and I’m going to have to be extremely picky about my next Bones mini because right now I’m in a pretty bad place as far as my opinion of the material goes.


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