Ebonwrath WIP 2

I’m going to need more Walnut Brown. Also, before I paint any of the bigger Bones models, I’m going to need an airbrush. Since the Bones Ogre is previously the largest model I’ve painted, this….this thing is nuts. And this is just the first base coat, it could use a second. What did I get myself into?


For those playing at home, the grid poking through the bottom of the pic is 1″ squares. When is a mini not a mini anymore?

2 thoughts on “Ebonwrath WIP 2

  1. Haha, I was actually thinking that! Can we still call it miniature, really?
    Although, am I curious about how much more paint these big ones take than the little ones. I imagine it would be a noticeable loss from the tiny paint pots!

    • Quite a bit when you consider it needs another coat, though the second coat will use much less paint. Also, it needed to be straight paint for the first coat because of the material. I didn’t really keep track but I’d say it would be north of 60 drops, I think I used around 10 drops in the well. Kept thinking it would be enough each time… 5 refills later…

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