Goldar WIP 3

Probably went too far and need to smooth this back out. Learned a nice lesson on evening out values when glazing to preserve contrast…I went too dark with my shadow glaze and my mid-shadow glaze against the previous highlights took out about 4 layers of blending 😐

I continued highlights from the last update, moving through Ghost White into a Ghost/Pure White for the highest high. Then I started putting in some colored glazes to spice it up.

Glazes (I call them that even though I don’t glaze over the whole area, maybe ‘targeted glazing’ is appropriate?) run Nightshade Purple, Imperial Purple and Violet Red. Then a wee bit of one of the highlight Ghost/Pure White mixes glazed to a few spots where the highlights got lost.


Goldar WIP 2

Did some layering on the skin, taking a break so I snapped some pics. Still not gelling where I want it, but it’s fun just layering. Went a bit gradual for a Bones job, this is base + 4 layers working ghost white slowly into the hd concrete grey. Right now it’s mostly trying to smoothly lay on whiter tones, as I’ve struggled with that every time I’ve tried.


When I say 4 layers, I mean 4 color mixes. It’s fairly thin so many passes of the same color on each layer. Not glaze thin, but more or less my usual layering thin.

Goldar WIP 1

Not really feeling strongly about painting anything in particular, so I nabbed Goldar at random from the pile and got him base coated.


One cool thing was the axe shaft – my original chestnut was way too high in chroma (I’m learning things!) compared to the really desaturated look of the rest of him. So I tried to add some grey to knock it down, but grey…she’s tricksy! Turned green, so I guess there was some lurking blue in the grey. Feeling playful, I put in some linen white (I had meant to grab leather white woops), which lightened it too much but did push it a bit in the right direction…so then I put in a dollop of the ashen brown I based the browns in and voila, very close to the color I had intended to mix! I was kind of amazed and proud of myself, a moment where vision and theory and practice kind of gelled (it’s a first).

I know the greys look close now, but hopefully after shading and moving them toward a more finished color they’ll separate out enough. But I was a bit concerned about it, so I went back and used brown liner /after/ base coating…a lot more tense then using it before!


Ok, zombronies (whatever) are done! I’d say not quite six hours from start to finish, with a little time fiddling around picking accents. Fast/Faster/Fastest:




Blood I based with Brick Red, then used the new KS blood triad. Unfortunately some of the browns, greys and purples I put onto #1 and a little bit onto #2 don’t really show in the pics.