Wedding Gift

Here’s the completed display. I really wanted more time on the plinth, but sometimes you get what life gives you. The models represent the bride and groom along with their dog Bailey. The display ‘plinth’ is from a small tree taken on my property, I’m kind of known for my love of splitting wood so that injects something of the giver into the gift.

When I saw the pirate king, I knew right away I was going to paint it as the person it represents. Then I painted the queen as my friend the children’s librarian, who often goes purple as a reward for the summer reading program. And the dog….I originally wanted a dog-sized dog, but when I saw this model I knew it clinched the scene. Couple posing for a wedding photo as the dog goes charging past and they look on bemused.






3 thoughts on “Wedding Gift

  1. This came out so incredibly beautiful! You must be so proud of this, it’s flawless (I’m sure you think you see things wrong, but I see none!!).
    Have you written any tutorials or anything? I’d love to learn how to be able to paint like this. Jealous!!

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