Pirate Queen WIP 7

Sorry it’s been so long without some new pics! I picked out what I think I’ll use for the base and started sanding it, trying to figure out how to mount things. Today is another round of sanding and also I’m going to set up an adhesive test block. Hopefully also get the three minis drilled and pinned.

Meanwhile, since I did have the flag glued into the Queen’s model, I painted it up following Schubert’s post about wood grains (and also using his brown palette, muahaha). I cleaned and filed the base again, but it looks like she won’t be standing on her own until she’s on the display mount.


Shaft is Walnut based. Mid is a mix of Woodstain Brown and Chestnut Gold. High is a mix of the mid plus some Stained Ivory. End is Chestnut Gold with some Stained Ivory highlight. I know, it’s woodgrain and not bark but I wanted to try that effect. Artistic license!


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