Blotter Archive

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and trying to explain my process of blotting paint gave me the chance to snap pics of some of my blotters. I think they’re kind of cool and have been hanging on to them, though a couple have wandered off and I forgot to date or label a couple. First up, the Ogre Chieftain:


L2PK1, the Anhurian swordsman and big ol’ rat:


L2PK2, Tsuko and Laurana:


I think an unlabeled one was Bertokk, so we skip ahead to L2PK5’s Dain and my take on the Chellaxian Infernal Binder as Ororo the X-Person:


L2PK3’s Anduriel and Orson Lugrum, my winter exchange mini. Lots of glazing on Orson, which is reflected on the blotter.


L2PK3’s Tyden and the Bones Bethalian:


Ral Partha Goblin and my take on The Avatar. The gobbo was a quick paint and I never finished the other one, which is why these are sparse.


Back in the saddle after a couple months off, Bombshell Babes’ Cave Girl/Shanna the She-Devil and the first mini of my current project, the Pirate Queen.



3 thoughts on “Blotter Archive

  1. Heh. Your blotters are so…organized. I use my hand and wrist for this (yes, I know it fails health inspection, but…habit), so I don’t get this kind of hard-copy history of my painting, but my wife’s blotter towels get used until they’re totally covered. They end up looking pretty cool, too.

    Also saw your terrier–nice plaid! Good stuff.

    • Any organization derived from my work habits is entirely coincidental. Just ask anyone who works with me (my desk is also my pc repair bench and filing system).

  2. Your blotters are amazingly neat, and oddly nice looking.

    I mostly use a nearby tissue or towel, combined with the paper that covers my work area. (On the paper, the paint is built up thick enough to crack in some places.)

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