Wedding Gift

Here’s the completed display. I really wanted more time on the plinth, but sometimes you get what life gives you. The models represent the bride and groom along with their dog Bailey. The display ‘plinth’ is from a small tree taken on my property, I’m kind of known for my love of splitting wood so that injects something of the giver into the gift.

When I saw the pirate king, I knew right away I was going to paint it as the person it represents. Then I painted the queen as my friend the children’s librarian, who often goes purple as a reward for the summer reading program. And the dog….I originally wanted a dog-sized dog, but when I saw this model I knew it clinched the scene. Couple posing for a wedding photo as the dog goes charging past and they look on bemused.





Pirate Queen WIP 7

Sorry it’s been so long without some new pics! I picked out what I think I’ll use for the base and started sanding it, trying to figure out how to mount things. Today is another round of sanding and also I’m going to set up an adhesive test block. Hopefully also get the three minis drilled and pinned.

Meanwhile, since I did have the flag glued into the Queen’s model, I painted it up following Schubert’s post about wood grains (and also using his brown palette, muahaha). I cleaned and filed the base again, but it looks like she won’t be standing on her own until she’s on the display mount.


Shaft is Walnut based. Mid is a mix of Woodstain Brown and Chestnut Gold. High is a mix of the mid plus some Stained Ivory. End is Chestnut Gold with some Stained Ivory highlight. I know, it’s woodgrain and not bark but I wanted to try that effect. Artistic license!

Blotter Archive

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and trying to explain my process of blotting paint gave me the chance to snap pics of some of my blotters. I think they’re kind of cool and have been hanging on to them, though a couple have wandered off and I forgot to date or label a couple. First up, the Ogre Chieftain:


L2PK1, the Anhurian swordsman and big ol’ rat:


L2PK2, Tsuko and Laurana:


I think an unlabeled one was Bertokk, so we skip ahead to L2PK5’s Dain and my take on the Chellaxian Infernal Binder as Ororo the X-Person:


L2PK3’s Anduriel and Orson Lugrum, my winter exchange mini. Lots of glazing on Orson, which is reflected on the blotter.


L2PK3’s Tyden and the Bones Bethalian:


Ral Partha Goblin and my take on The Avatar. The gobbo was a quick paint and I never finished the other one, which is why these are sparse.


Back in the saddle after a couple months off, Bombshell Babes’ Cave Girl/Shanna the She-Devil and the first mini of my current project, the Pirate Queen.


My paint blotter

Some people on the Reaper forum were asking Pingo and I about comments we made regarding some brush and paint consistency methodology. Forgive the crudity and haphazardness of the example here 🙂


My current blotter combo, paper towel and watercolor paper. This is what I’m using for the Dark Sword pooch model. I do have another paper towel for clean brushes under my rinse jar.


I should’ve planned this better! Ok, column A starts with straight paint, two drops of Pure Black in a well palette. Then it goes 2:1 water, 2:2 water, 2:3 water. Column B is 2:4, 2:5, 2:6, 2:7. I first drag the brush across the paper towel, if the paint breaks up it’s probably too dry. Then I twist the tip of the brush on the paper. This gets the final brush load dialed in (it might take a couple twists), shows me a preview of the consistency on a constant (the paper), and also points the brush for me.

2:2 is about what I would use for base coat consistency, probably more like a 4:2 or 4:3, depends on the paint. This wasn’t flowing well at 2:1 but a bit thin at 2:2 for an opaque coat…but better too thin than too thick.

Column B would be a decent range of normal painting for me, going even thinner for glazing but I do get a bit impatient with layering! Anyway, I was going to just show washes, and even this might still be a bit thick, it all depends on the desired effect and texture you’re washing over. The broad swatch to the left of C on the paper is demonstrating coverage at 2:7, you can also see test strokes under column B, that’s the more normal way for me to test a wash consistency.

Column C on the paper towel is demonstrating how I approach a glaze (though the paint is too heavy for glazing!). I will gently put the tip of the brush on the towel and let the paint wick into via capillary action, quickly picking up. You can see the effect as I repeat this in descending order down column C. Then in column C on the paper I show how the wash consistency paint acts when it’s been wicked off to prep for glazing, vs the big swatch of paint to the left that you would get if the brush were left loaded for a wash.

For white and lighter color paints, I will do the twisting/testing over the top of a previous darker color paint (also good for testing glazes). You can see some of that in the top photo with my current blotter.

I hope that didn’t confuse everyone too much, and I bet Pingo comes in and sets it straight 🙂 Just my weird little method I’ve developed over the last year.

Highland Terrier WIP 1

The avenging pooch has received his base coat. The reason for the askance gazes of the two pirates, their faithful pooch Bailey charging ahead into mayhem.


Again, sticking with the same set of paints, but bringing in some new tones for the fur, basing it on pics of the real pooch. Final fur will be right up to linen and pure white, this base will be the deepest shadow, the dog has some nice yellows deep in his coat.