Pirate Queen WIP 6

Went back and added some highlights to the boots. I’m calling her done for now so I can move on with the project.



Pirate Queen WIP 5

The Queen nears completion. I liked the look of the muted boots in hand under lights, but I think seeing the pics I might go back in with some more highlights as originally planned, using the recipe from Ororo’s leathers. So that and a few touch-ups and she’s pretty much done, have to keep this train moving!


Tough to see the color in the bottom of the gem from this angle, but it’s Ultramarine Shadow, then some Ultramarine Highlight with a little white. Boots following Ororo’s leathers recipe, first highlight is 2:1 Military Grey:Twilight Blue. NMM is still following kit 3 recipe, feeling rusty when painting it.

Non-Metallic Metal Gold

I just posted this (modified for this blog) on the Reaper forums in response to someone struggling with Reaper’s Learn to Paint Kit 3 (NMM), it might be helpful so I decided to repost here.

I spent so much time poring over the instructions on this kit. Reading, re-reading, re-re-reading. Examining the pictures intensely. I spent at least a couple nights studying them before I even started painting.

I find NMM is a constant back and forth as you dial in the highlights and shadows. The main thing with gold is to figure out where the brightest highlight will be. This usually runs along the longest axis of the object, but there are lots of exceptions (which is where studying the pics comes in). Anyway, I put in a line of thinned white as a guideline for that highest highlight.

Then lay out all your spectrum from shadow to highlight on the palette (this is why I like a wet palette). The very basic rule is to paint one side of that line as shadow and the other as light. The shadow side will start with the darkest shadow right next to your guideline and will fade away from it to the mid-tone. The light side will start with the highlight next to your guideline and fade away to the mid-tone.

Forgive the crudity of this, and it lacks the center highlight, but I whipped it up in a couple seconds in GIMP 🙂


So get that idea down and you’re getting started with gold nmm. Study Anne’s instructions and painted examples and look to see how she applied that to the different surfaces on the two models.

Steel…yeah, still working on that one…Anyway, hope this helps!

Pirate Queen WIP 3

Well, went back in and decided I wanted to accentuate the green (Camouflage Green) some more and decided to leave it at that step. Going all the way up the DKS scale looked great up close, but as it’s a gift for people who will only see it on a shelf, I think it’s better this way. Which hurt me to paint over that left eye!

Did up the skin tones, up through the Rosy triad into Rosy Highlight + white. Eye shadow was the purple highlight thinned to glaze (Royal Purple + white)

My first stab at doing lips, I really struggled trying to do the top lip and get nice lipsticky style points, finally just gave up on that. I think the bottom lip came out pretty decent. Based lips with Deep Red, then highlighted with a mix of Deep Red and Blood Red, dab of white for shine.

Also my first stab at eyebrows, and while they look ok from a distance, I’m considering a few ways to clean them up. Right now I’m thinking about thinning them with a line of shadow under and skin tone over. If that doesn’t go well, maybe a re-shape as she looks a bit sad.


Pirate Queen WIP 2

So my struggles with white continue. Here I tried basing it in white and then glazed in some shadows with first Dusky Highlight and then Dusky Shadow. I think the consistency for the Shadow layers was too thick, it kinda broke up and acted weird. Went back in with white and calling it for now.

Then ran up through the Royal Purple triad for the coat, pants and hat. Definitely needs another round of highlighting, probably should’ve dropped in some dark purple (nightshade maybe) shadow glazes for contrast. The hat is insane to try to highlight, so many odd curves.

And a special thanks to Mr. Jackson for such well-sculpted eyes. While I need to go back over the right eye again to reset the white sparkle, I more or less pulled off a DKS eye in the first try. On both eyes. Black dot, then a hazel dot, then smaller black for the pupil. The first sparkle (left) turned out pretty well, the second one…well, I would’ve had to hang up my brushes if I nailed a DKS eye on both eyes the first time, yeah?