Pirate King WIP 5


So my first big steel nmm without the guiding hand of the ever-helpful Anne Foerster (you better believe I had the L2PK3 booklet at hand, though!). About an hour of working back and forth with 5 or 6 different intermediaries, just smoothing and honing in on where the shading and highlights looked best. Not going to win any awards, but for my first real blade on my own I’m pretty happy.

Then I laid in the sword grip stealing Derek Schubert’s recently revealed brown recipe. I just used three paints he uses for roughing in tones, Stained Ivory, Woodstain Brown and I subbed in Walnut Brown for the Brown Liner (mine has gone wandering somewhere). Roughed it in with those three and then used a simple glaze of Woodstain/Stained Ivory to smooth it out.

Then applied the Ororo formula for the black boots and belt.


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