Pirate King Stereoscopic



3 thoughts on “Pirate King Stereoscopic

  1. I do like the way you’ve painted this figure. The way you painted that sword is excellent. You’ve got that light on the left of the blade perfect. I don’t really understand stereoscopic and I’ve read your tutorial. I don’t have GIMP and am not sure what it is or how it works.

    Congratulations on the win at Studio McVey!

    • Yeah, stereo pics are kinda weird to view.
      GIMP is just the graphics program on the computer I use to make the stereo images. I also use it to crop and scale all my pics.

  2. For reference, here is a repost of the instructions Anne is referring to:
    One tip if you’re having trouble seeing the 3d image. Close your right eye and cover the left image with your left hand (so you can only see the right image with your left eye). Then close your left eye and cover the right image with your right hand (so you only see the left image with your right eye). This will remove the ‘duplicate’ images, leaving the stereo image when you crosseye it. Hope that tip helps, even if you see the stereo image without it, it makes it look nicer.

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