Pirate Queen WIP 3

Well, went back in and decided I wanted to accentuate the green (Camouflage Green) some more and decided to leave it at that step. Going all the way up the DKS scale looked great up close, but as it’s a gift for people who will only see it on a shelf, I think it’s better this way. Which hurt me to paint over that left eye!

Did up the skin tones, up through the Rosy triad into Rosy Highlight + white. Eye shadow was the purple highlight thinned to glaze (Royal Purple + white)

My first stab at doing lips, I really struggled trying to do the top lip and get nice lipsticky style points, finally just gave up on that. I think the bottom lip came out pretty decent. Based lips with Deep Red, then highlighted with a mix of Deep Red and Blood Red, dab of white for shine.

Also my first stab at eyebrows, and while they look ok from a distance, I’m considering a few ways to clean them up. Right now I’m thinking about thinning them with a line of shadow under and skin tone over. If that doesn’t go well, maybe a re-shape as she looks a bit sad.



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