Pirate Queen WIP 2

So my struggles with white continue. Here I tried basing it in white and then glazed in some shadows with first Dusky Highlight and then Dusky Shadow. I think the consistency for the Shadow layers was too thick, it kinda broke up and acted weird. Went back in with white and calling it for now.

Then ran up through the Royal Purple triad for the coat, pants and hat. Definitely needs another round of highlighting, probably should’ve dropped in some dark purple (nightshade maybe) shadow glazes for contrast. The hat is insane to try to highlight, so many odd curves.

And a special thanks to Mr. Jackson for such well-sculpted eyes. While I need to go back over the right eye again to reset the white sparkle, I more or less pulled off a DKS eye in the first try. On both eyes. Black dot, then a hazel dot, then smaller black for the pupil. The first sparkle (left) turned out pretty well, the second one…well, I would’ve had to hang up my brushes if I nailed a DKS eye on both eyes the first time, yeah?



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