Wish You Were Here

I found out over the weekend that my best friend from 6th grade through young adulthood as we tried to make a profession out of music, the brother I never had, passed away at 43. It’s hard to process losing someone so young. We had grown apart after the band broke up, but he never left my thoughts. He helped me discover confidence in myself and my art, and I wish I had been able to repay him somehow…and now it’s to late.

He was a gifted canvas painter and he was the guy who first showed me how to paint minis. We painted minis while hiding out in some girl’s apartment while the Rodney King riots shook LA, hell we were painting minis at the local gaming store when the verdict came down. He painted a few of my minis and we had traded a few back and forth, so here are some pics.


I know the first one was a speed paint. We always used to paint skeletons grey. Almost everything used to get a black wash.


This skeleton is more representative of how he painted to a better level. It was probably the worst of his ‘real’ paint jobs.


A couple of his big guys. I always liked the blued steel of the sword, and would go on to copy the technique copiously later.


The little guys. Probably early 90s kobolds but that gobbo was older.


Some of the oldest lead (as you can tell from the condition). I think he painted the two on the right. The one in the middle was painted by his brother (who inspired both of us), the two on the left could’ve been by either of them.


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