Pirate King and Queen WIP 1

One nice thing about being a relative newb to the hobby is the amount of new stuff to try out. In this chapter…zenithal priming!

I’ve heard it discussed and seen it done a few times, but Antimatter’s recent post on the Reaper forum had it on my mind when I went to prime the pirate king and queen. These will (hopefully) be a wedding gift for a friend and legendary RenWench. So mum’s the word if you know her ๐Ÿ˜‰



Not sure how I’m going to go about holding the flag while I paint it…and I’m tempted to strip it and zenithal it, too.


Shanna postmortem

Quick postmortem for Shanna:

Somewhat limited palette, seems larger due to using RMS triads, but then I also tried to cross-pollinate between them, too.

Blonde Hair triad
Bronzed Skin triad
Ivory triad
Chestnut diad
Oiled Leather
Linen White
Blackened Brown
Pure Black
wood brown triad
Russet Brown

Primed with Army Painter white spray primer. Lined with Blackened Brown.

Skin was straight Bronzed Skin triad. Hair was based in Oiled then up through the Blonde triad to Linen glints. Hide was Chestnut diad, finished with some Linen mixed to the highlight (I wanted to add some leopard markings but decided to skip it). Horns were based in Ivory, washed in Russet then up through the Ivory triad. Wood was woodstain triad, I tried to add a little warmth with some of the hide tones mixed into the highlight, not real happy there, wood still eludes me. Boots were based in the Blackened Brown liner, then drybrushed with some of the hair tones (the idea was to have them dark shadowed to ground them, but use hair tones to tie it in with the top of the mini). Wristwraps were based in Oiled and used various colors from different places as they seems appropriate, I didn’t really keep track.

Shanna the Cave Girl

So here is Bombshell Minis’ Cave Girl, as inspired by Shanna the She-Devil, an old Marvel character recently resurrected for Savage Wolverine.


No, I haven’t completely gone off my anti-basing rocker. Yet.

I have a cool idea to make a small scene with her…but it’ll have to wait a few months. So I figure I’d rather post herย  for folks to get inspired to paint some of the Babes up.

She was a pretty quick paint for me, about 6 1/2 hours, 1 1/2 of which were on the eyes. Just wanted something to shake off the rust from my brief hiatus. Hope you enjoy it!

Shanna WIP 2

So it’s been a few days. I had an hour long session a few days ago where I struggled with the eyes…and we won’t be doing pics for that one…

So today I finally wrestled with the eyes about another half hour and got them to where I’m going to get them ๐Ÿ™‚ A little cavity keeps sucking paint into it along the lower right eye, and now there’s a nugget of dried paint in there, short of cutting it out and starting over on the face, well, it is what it is.


Should be able to finish her off in one or two more sessions depending on how the weather goes this weekend.

Hi there.

Hi there! I’m not dead yet, it’s just a flesh wound! This last project got a bit much for me, so I took a month off. I’d been pushing myself pretty hard with painting the previous eight months straight and needed a break. Also, going to set the Avatar aside for a while just for the clean break. That ton of nmm gold isn’t what I want to start back into it with!

So yesterday I cleaned up a couple options for the next project. I think I’ll be painting Cave Girl from Bombshell, with Shanna the She-Devil from Marvel’s Savage Lands as inspiration. I also cleaned up her companion as well as a couple Sedition Wars game minis, a trooper and zombie. After some thought about whether or not to glue on the Trooper’s arms, they’re all primed and ready to go.

Also, thanks to the guys at Ravenswood Comics for help getting up to speed on who’s inking the coolest comics these days. Finding a couple Savage Wolverine featuring Shanna was a nice bonus!