Bethlian WIP 3

Spent a little time tonight going back over the cloak interior to fix those shadows.


Worked some base coat back over it until it looked better, also took the opportunity to clean up some of the shadow blending. Then up the khaki triad for highlighting. Thought about mixing some of the khaki highlight with linen white, but decided to wait until I’ve finished the rest of the mini to see how it fits together.

I hit the deepest shadows of the robe with a glaze of Midnight Blue, they were just looking way too monotonous, even with the red in there. I like the way it cooled it off. Then I hit the highs with Olive Highlight one more time to bring them up a bit. As with the cloak interior, I’ll leave that until I’m near then end to see how it all works together. Still in my baby steps with overall tonality and model cohesion.


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