Avatar WIP 2

Apologies for the crap pics. Another month and I should be back at the desk with more lighting.


Second layer for the white, Snow Shadow over all but the deepest shadows.


Third layer, Ghost White. Starting to work against me, getting chalky.


Final layer, Pure White. Super chalky. Decided to walk away from it for the night and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Avatar WIP 1

Getting a start on the RPG March challenge project. The idea is to take a mini and paint it up like a character from a video game RPG. I decided on one of my very favorite CRPGs of all time, Ultima. The model will be painted as the Avatar, the player’s character.

I started with Reaper 03556: Ashlan Fellthrush, Heroic Paladin. First thing that had to go was the shield emblem, as that needs to be a serpent.


Then priming and lining.


And finally the base coating.


Bronze skin, blond hair, white tabard, lots of gold. My first stab at white, I’m going for a cool white and that blue will really be more for the undersides and very deepest folds, not much should show by the end. There’s going to be prominent freehand on this, I’m a bit daunted but it should be educational.

Ral Partha Goblin

So my WIP for this fell apart. I just slapped some paint on fairly quick and it was done in one session in which I forgot to take pictures.


The bow and side of the quiver were difficult, as there was no detail to work with and I wasn’t feeling particularly creative with it.

The skin turned out quite a bit better than it photographs. I used a couple washes of Burning Orange:Midnight Blue over the base coat of Burning Orange. The first wash was more general and something like a 3:1, then a more targeted shadow glaze of 1:2. Then another layer of Burning Orange, followed by a highlight of Highlight Orange and lastly a highlight of Bright Skin.

Bethalian WIP 5

Today I forged ahead and had a lot of fun just playing around. I had intended to do a few different things, but I just got watching some tube and slapping paint. Turned out bad, so I washed over the whole thing and just kept messing around with it until it was time to call it quits.


So, the gold parts are being called done at this point. Just the recipe from kit 3 as usual. I also put in the gem on the staff. I was thinking with the green robe I wanted a purple gem, and I want to stick with my somewhat limited palette. So I took 2:1 Midnight Blue:Bloodstain Red as a base, and highlighted with 2:1:1 Midnight Blue:Carnage Red:Pure White and then again with one more drop of white. It’s not going to win any prizes, but I just wanted the dash of purple up there.

Just have to wrap up the skin tones and base. One more session, most likely. Oh, and the pics came out a little better with some white on the mini to balance it, I think.

Bethalian WIP 4

Did a quick and mostly ineffective pass on a couple crap blended spots on the robe and inner cloak. Then hit the outer cloak. For some reason these WIP pictures have been particularly bad, apologies.


For the outer cloak, I had based it in Swamp Green. I hit the shadows with some Black + Midnight Blue and then Midnight Blue. Then up the triad Military Green to Camo Green, finishing with a 2:1 Camo to Linen.

For some reason the paint was really acting weird today, a few of the highlight layers were leaving a weird film and breaking up oddly.

Bethlian WIP 3

Spent a little time tonight going back over the cloak interior to fix those shadows.


Worked some base coat back over it until it looked better, also took the opportunity to clean up some of the shadow blending. Then up the khaki triad for highlighting. Thought about mixing some of the khaki highlight with linen white, but decided to wait until I’ve finished the rest of the mini to see how it fits together.

I hit the deepest shadows of the robe with a glaze of Midnight Blue, they were just looking way too monotonous, even with the red in there. I like the way it cooled it off. Then I hit the highs with Olive Highlight one more time to bring them up a bit. As with the cloak interior, I’ll leave that until I’m near then end to see how it all works together. Still in my baby steps with overall tonality and model cohesion.