Bethalian WIP 2

I started tonight’s session by messing around with mixing some of the greens, reds, brown and khakis to see what happened. I got lucky with the first few mixes and dove into the robe.


I started by mixing the base Olive Shadow with a little dab of Bloodstain Red. This gave me a real nice color and went in pretty good. Then I took the highlights up with the top two triad colors over Olive Shadow. Not real happy with placement or blending, it feels like a real step backward to my old way of painting back in the 90s. I probably should’ve taken things much slower and thinned out the layers a good double the translucence.

The interior of the robe I struggled a lot more with the mix. While I liked the color I got from my initial Khaki Shadow + Carnage Red, it was still too light to be a shadow. So I put in a bit of the Olive Shadow/Bloodstain Red mix into that mix and it made a decent shadow, with a dab of Olive Shadow into that for the darkest shadow. I started to bring up the highlights in the khaki triad, but I just wasn’t feeling the lighting (pretty obviously off), so I called it quits for the night.


2 thoughts on “Bethalian WIP 2

    • We were just talking about doing an overnight backpacking trip in your god-forsaken poisonous hell-hole of a continent.

      You should move someplace nice, like New Zealand. Better than Old Zealand!

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