Tyden, Barbarian

Ok, Ladies and Gents. Wrapping up my journey through all 5 L2PKs we have the barbarous Tyden, ready to slay all sorts of pitter-pattery little goblin types!


Ok, promised some commentary.

I think female flesh is tough for two reasons. First, it’s less defined than the typical musclehead male fantasy model. Second, it requires a lot smoother blending across larger swaths.

Anne’s instructions must be pretty good because I still feel like I’m just fumbling my way along yet the results are more often decent than atrocious. I think this model steel turned out pretty decent. I think the sword is a bit weak, but it’s got an odd bevel on the two upper angles that was throwing me. I think my gold fu was pretty weak on this one. I was a bit rushed and distracted, but also it was almost all playing to the techniques that were weak on Anduriel. Good practice but far weaker than Ororo (where I played to my strengths).

For the hair I again used the red hair triad. Base of Auburn Shadow washed with a 2:1 Walnut:Russet. Then up through the triad. Lost my Blonde Shadow (found it under the desk when I was plugging in the lamp for pics) so I mixed Blonde Hair with the redhead highlight and I think I did blonde highlight for the points.

I used my WNS7 #1 a lot more on this one, just for something different. I tried putting in more time with the 3/0 but it’s just too limited (eyes only). I do prefer the 3/0 to the miniature 0, though. Bigger body, though at that size it’s not saying much.

And a quick thought on pulling off NMM. I really need to lay out all the spectrum I’m using, maybe 5-6 hues from the darkest to white. As I work my way up (following Anne’s instruction to lay in the white first to mark out my mental map of the effect), I can quickly work back and forth with the different colors to both fix mistakes and adjust the spectrum of the effect. As I said, I got a bit lazy with the gold on Tyden, but on Ororo you can see the effect of really taking the time to tweak the blending until it looks convincing.

I use a wet palette to lay out the hues, and once I find my errant hot glue gun, I’ve got an upgrade in mind for it…I ran out of room for Tyden’s gold spectrum, one of the reasons I rushed it.

Odd factoid from the project: Despite painting her during the Bond marathon on tv, the NMM gold was painted during Thunderball, not Goldfinger (the steel was painted during that).

Kit 3 was a really great lesson and I think it did a lot to improve my painting skills. I still have a long way to go, but I really wanted to start using NMM and this kit got me on the path to doing so. Highly recommend it.


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