Tyden WIP 1

Continuing on with L2PK3. Tyden basecoated (and some lining with thinned walnut).


Running around chopping up goblins in a bikini means she’s probably pretty tan. Since I’ve already done several Tanned Skin-based models, I went for Bronzed Skin this time around. Going back to my redhead formula, but I’m going to try and glint it up like I did Anduriel, maybe push it more into blonde due to the sun. Won’t know til I get there and start playing around.

The rest is kit 3 recipes.

Apologies for the weird pics, playing around with different ideas for that, too 🙂 Doug Sundseth over on the Reaper forums is giving me some good tips on improving pics with my trusty old camera. I’ll be playing around with things for a while and already have some better pics of Ororo, once I get a full set I’ll post an update with them.


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