Chelaxian Ororo WIP 4

The lighting is working against this in a couple ways, I didn’t touch the pure black shadows and it doesn’t like the hair at all. The blacks look grey and the hair is blown out white. That said, let’s do the hair!


I started with the plan of washing with P3 Frostbite, but that’s so close to Ghost White I pulled out some Light Blue and washed with that pretty heavily.


I then went back over it with Ghost White to bring back the mids.


Finally, hit the highlights with Pure White.


Eyes were pretty simple, since they’re just white. Normally I’d use a Linen White, but she’s got those freaky white Storm eyes, so it got Pure White to really jump out. Skin was done with the Dark Skin triad, which I found a bit of a limited palette. I’m not going to go back down the shadows, but next time I do African-American skin tones, I think I’d start out with some really dark brown tone to build off. I did bring the highlight out past Dark Highlight by adding some Linen White to it.

2 thoughts on “Chelaxian Ororo WIP 4

  1. The thing with Storm is that her hair really doesn’t look like hair. That’s the thing with comic art – things can look good in that format that just don’t work in others (maybe in Videogames).. Google a pic of Halle Berry as Storm and see what I mean. Her hair looks either bad or awful. Just embrace the fact that the hair may not look like real hair, but it can still look quite decent..

  2. I just meant the camera can’t capture the blacks or whites well in these WIP shots 🙂

    And I’ve blocked Halle Berry’s horrific performance of Storm out of my mind.

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