Chelaxian Ororo WIP 3

First off, I had to break out the scalpel and carve out a little chunk I missed on her left arm that was bugging me. I used too much force and bent her back at the ankles. So the primer shown is where I cleaned up the arm, but there’s also a bit on the ankle backs.


Ok, on to painting.


First layer of 2:1 Military Grey HD:Twilight Blue, thinned with some water and matte medium mix.


Second highlight of Stormy Grey.


A couple specular-ish highlights to the boots and chest to try to make it look a bit more leathery. Looks like I need to clean up at least the left boot front a bit…I dunno, I think it got a bit too far away from looking like black. And I’m also very wary of going back in there to try to freehand NMM gold trim, trying to make a straight line around all those curves in the fabric and then shading and highlighting it without messing up the previous work?

C&C very welcome at this point, black is difficult!


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