Mocking up an X-Costume

I am a system admin by trade so of course I don’t use a computer for this!


Strips of Pure Black to mock up the clothing for Ororo. Not sure if I want a more bluish or greyish X-Costume, so I put a couple colors against black and see how I like them. The 4th strip is the colors I’ll go with, the numbers refer to the formulas in the upper left. It’s rough as those are the block-ins, so I’d probably start at black+highlight 1 before going to highlight 1 (which is 2:1 HD Military Grey to Twilight Blue).

Starting with a cool blue/grey then switching to a warmer grey to try and keep it from looking too blue, going into some Stormy Grey, then a bit of white in that. For shinier stuff like the boots, a specular of White + a dab of Stormy Grey is the plan.

This has been the biggest challenge for me, as stuff like the paint kits give you the paints and the mix recipes. So now I have to develop the ability to turn my imagination and inner eye into the paints I have. Learning the paints and how they work together and how to achieve what I’m trying to portray….that’s the tough part for me.

2 thoughts on “Mocking up an X-Costume

    • Yep. I’m leaning toward using NMM gold like Anduriel’s tunic trim. I think the more vibrant X-Men yellow might be a bit much and most source material matches the cloth trim to her accessories. On the other hand, that’s a ton of NMM when I only just learned the technique!

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