Chelaxian Ororo WIP 1

First up, getting ready to clean her up.


Of course, I was so intent on working on this I forgot to take any shots of the process. Since she’s slotta, I decided to put her on a resin base. Listen, I have no basing supplies at all so it’s going to be a long time before you see me tackling anything else! I had pinned my Drone mini to a resin base, so I attempted the same thing. But Ororo has muuuuch smaller feet, the paper clip I used was as big around as her foot. So I went with a super tiny bit and used an old G string (from my guitar, pervs) to give some purchase for the glue.

This also meant I had to glue her right onto the base, as the string wouldn’t let me pin her into a cork while I painted her (too bendy). Going to try blue tack again for this one.


Then primed in Army Painter white spray primer as usual.


Now the work begins. I’ll spend some time mulling over colors. Lots of NMM gold (which I just learned!), trying to make a convincing pure white hair, shiny black costume and African-American skin tones. Ye gods what did I get myself into!?


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