The Dead of Winter

Just a quick update for anyone who actually reads this thing. When I wrapped up Dain, I began cleaning up the L2PK3 minis, filing off the offending casting detritus, etc. I noticed the first of the two minis I wanted to paint was mis-aligned, so I contacted Reaper and Adrienne quickly dispatched a replacement. Well, the blistered replacement is also misaligned…So I’ll just go ahead and paint the mini with apologies for alignment issues.

I should probably use the second one to practice fixing things like this with green stuff, but in some places it’s pretty finicky, the braid work around the pouch, for instance.

I am actually painting something else, but it’s for a mini exchange on the Reaper forum and I want to keep it under wraps until I deliver it. It’s already an incredibly challenging project, I have a vision for how I want it to look and my color theory is utterly deficient in delivering that vision. As I’ve said to a few folks, except for the Ogre (and gnoll), all my projects have been fancy paint-by-numbers, whether following Ali McVey’s recipes or the L2PK instructions. So my mental muscles for color choices are not as exercised as my painting muscles.


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