Dain WIP 3

Laid down the Honed Steel base coat for the steel bits.


Then the Polished Silver and Pearl White highlights.


Still really not liking metallic paint. Apologies for the weird colors, it was more yellow than usual so I hit auto white balance in GIMP.


2 thoughts on “Dain WIP 3

  1. Metallics are like anything else. Just got to play with them until you learn to use them properly. Also, I recommned getting the Vallejo Model Air metallics set. They make almost everything else I’ve used in metallics feel like garbage to use. (excepting when drybrushing chainmail and such.)

    • I’ve got them thinned down with my wash mix I stole from Les Bursley (his wash minus the inks, better suspension than water). It goes on pretty nice (Bertokk could have used a second coat). The problem is mostly how quick it gums up the brush. I guess I could put in some Slow Dri into the mix.

      I’ll revisit the issue after my journey into the realms of NMM 🙂

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